Why you should get the Alberto Contador treatment!

Ok, spring is here, and if your anything like me, your welcoming this so called warmer weather and heading out and going for rides with friends.

One suggestion!.. get properly fitted on your bike.

It will make a world of difference.

When I purchased my new bike from the guys @Berwick Cycles, they offered me a Body Geometry Fit service, to fit me to the bike.  I have to say I was a little taken back by the notion that the whole ordeal was going to take 3 hours!… The extent of my previous fitting experience was straddling the bike and making sure my family jewles cleared the top tube. 

They took me through the same process that the professional cyclist fitted for on the pro tour.

Now as a MAML (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) I’m not a professional cyclist, nor do I ever aspire to become one.. but what I am is a Chiropractor.  As Chiropractor in Berwick, I have a very sound understanding in biomechanics, and understanding that subtle changes in position can have a huge impact in efficiency of biomechanics.  I’m all about living to your potential, and efficient biomechanics will not only get the most out of your riding potential, but it will also decrease the stress on your back, hips knees, ankles and shoulders.  

They measured every conceivable variable that concerned my position on the bike, from my bum imprint on the special seat they had, to the level of arch support I needed in my cycling shoe, to my Range of motion of my lower legs, and reach of my upper body.  Nothing was left to chance.  The process involved fine tuning positions until everything was perfect.. until I was one with the bike.


The outcome… A beautiful fluid fit…. I was positioned for a more efficient pedal stroke, a more efficient body position on the bike. In essence a correct fit bike fit is the key to an injury free and easier and more enjoyable riding experience.

Do yourself and your body a favour.. get your bike fitted properly!

This service is not just for new bikes purchased.  If you want to be more comfortable ride on the current bike you have, give Dan or Kristjan from Berwick cycles a call on 9769 5326 for your bike fit.

Dr. Andrew Ziakas

As a Chiropractor and a Wellness Consultant, Dr Andrew's vision is to inspire people to make lasting changes to their lifestyle to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.